September 16-18


Hope everyone made it through Friday 13th unscathed. Now is the time of year that the weather acts like a cat standing in a doorway. Do I want to be hot? Do I want to be cold? But, we'll miss the warmth soon enough.

Here are your advance questions and answers. Questions: On what street did the 1666 Great Fire of London start? A Rinkhals is what type of animal? The unrelated answers are Eirene and Robert Mills.

The theme round is Famous People Anagrams. We will give you a clue about the person, then the person's name with the letters all mixed up. But since we are giving you all the letters, spelling counts. If you spell the person's name wrong, it will be counted as wrong. For example, if we said Mrs. Keith Urban and then gave you A Demonic Link. You would need to give us Nicole Kidman. If you spelled it Nicole Kidmen, it would be wrong. We've been lenient in the past.

Thank you all for playing. We really enjoy this and if you didn't play, we wouldn't have a reason to do it!