Who wants to have some fun? And put hungry, thirsty bodies in seats?

Now, Flagship Trivia can come to your restaurant!

Within three months, Brothers Pizza of Martinsburg, the home of Flagship Trivia, enjoed near 100% occupancy on Tuesday nights. The restaurant was overflowing with team players. Games averaged between 20 and 24 teams of four to ten players each Tuesday. Flagship Trivia is designed to be First Week Affordable. For a small monthly fee, you will receive all the materials to run the successful Flagship Trivia concept in your restaurant or pub. Your teams will compete against all of the Flagship Trivia teams for special recognition and additional prizes.

Any night of the week can be among your busiest nights of the week. As a Flagship Trivia location, you will help solidify your establishments image as the fun place to eat, drink and socialize.

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To learn how to join the Flagship Trivia family, contact us today!